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Reasons You Need to See Your OBGYN

Many women do not get the health care they need because they are so busy taking care of work, home and family that they put themselves last. Unfortunately, this can end badly for everyone. My name is Emily, and I am an OBGYN specialist. I meet too many women who do not see an OBGYN unless they are pregnant. Any adult woman should get routine care and testing, especially if she is sexually active. I hope this blog will educate you on the need to see your doctor or health care provider and will encourage you to make that appointment today.


Hiring A Midwife: More Than Just A Bygone Tradition

6 May 2016
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When many people think about pregnancy and childbirth, they think about doing so under the supervision of a conventional medical team. Midwives, doulas, and the like are not often a part of that mental picture. In fact, many people associate midwifery with a time in the past in which doctors who specialize in childbirth and women's health did not exist or were scarce at best. The reality of midwifery is far different, though. Read More …

Hide the Extra K-Cups: Sorry, Future Daddy—You’re on Caffeine Restriction, Too

4 May 2016
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When couples planned to start a family in the past, a focus on lifestyle changes and dietary restrictions was primarily touted to the prospective mothers. While the recommendations are valuable tips to boost your fertility and lower your risks for miscarriages and birth defects, the same healthy choices apply to your partner. This means that if you are trying to conceive, your baby's future father will also have to make sacrifices, including cutting back on his intake of java right along with you. Read More …

3 Things You Can Do To Improve The Ease Of Your Delivery

3 May 2016
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Pregnancy is an exciting time of life. As you get closer to delivery, you might be wondering what you can do to prepare yourself for a healthy delivery. Although a healthy pregnancy and delivery depends on your individual circumstances and choices you have made throughout the pregnancy, there are some things that you can do to improve your healthy towards the end. 1. Sit On All Fours Throughout The Day Read More …

Two Types Of Vaginal Cysts That Can Form After Childbirth

3 May 2016
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Although childbearing is a very beautiful event, carrying a baby causes a variety of changes to occur in a woman's body, some of which can cause other issues long after the baby has been born. One issue is the development of vaginal cysts, which are small growths filled with fluid, air, or other debris that form on or in the vagina. Here are two types of cysts that can develop after childbirth. Read More …

Learn What To Do If You Think Your Teen Daughter Is Having Sex

2 May 2016
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Feeling as though your daughter may be having sex or contemplating having sex can often be very overwhelming for a parent. It can be hard to know what the right steps to take are and how to handle the situation in the most productive way possible. Use the guide below to know what to do if you think your daughter may be having sex or considering it. Talk to Your Daughter Read More …