Learn What To Do If You Think Your Teen Daughter Is Having Sex

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Learn What To Do If You Think Your Teen Daughter Is Having Sex

2 May 2016
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Feeling as though your daughter may be having sex or contemplating having sex can often be very overwhelming for a parent. It can be hard to know what the right steps to take are and how to handle the situation in the most productive way possible. Use the guide below to know what to do if you think your daughter may be having sex or considering it.

Talk to Your Daughter

The first and perhaps hardest thing you need to do is to have an open and honest talk with your daughter about the situation. Find out if she is having sex or if she is considering it. Find out if she is feeling pressured to do it or if it is something she is interested in doing on her own. Be sure to explain to her the repercussions of having sex and the importance of having safe sex.

Take Her to an OB/GYN

Next, you need to take your daughter to an OB/GYN (such as one from Bayview OB GYN Women's Care Florida) to make sure that she has not caught any diseases and to have the OB/GYN explain the long-term effects that can come from having sex in an unsafe way. The doctor will be able to let you know if there are any pregnancy preventatives available for your daughter. There are some pregnancy preventatives that are not good for teenagers to take because their bodies are still growing and changing. The doctor will be able to let you and your daughter know what options are available to her. 

Let Your Daughter Make the Final Decision

Once you know what options are available to your daughter, allow her to choose which option she feels most comfortable with. This will allow her to feel as though she is in control of her body and making a responsible choice for her future. This can be very empowering for a teenager. You want your daughter to feel as empowered as she possibly can so that she feels empowered enough to say know when she does not feel comfortable having sex with someone. Belittling her or telling her that she is going to do what you tell her to could cause her to run into the arms of someone else for comfort, which could be negative in the end.  

Simply telling your child not to have sex is not the best option available to you. Teens rebel and when they rebel they make poor decisions. Help your child to be as prepared as she can be to ensure she does not get pregnant or catch a disease that could kill her.