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Many women do not get the health care they need because they are so busy taking care of work, home and family that they put themselves last. Unfortunately, this can end badly for everyone. My name is Emily, and I am an OBGYN specialist. I meet too many women who do not see an OBGYN unless they are pregnant. Any adult woman should get routine care and testing, especially if she is sexually active. I hope this blog will educate you on the need to see your doctor or health care provider and will encourage you to make that appointment today.


Birth Control Questions To Ask Your Gynecologist

11 May 2022
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Is your annual gynecologist appointment coming up? Do you need to discuss birth control options? Whether this is your first experience with family planning or you just want to change from your current method, take a look at questions to ask your doctor. What Are Your Options? The type of birth control method you choose depends on a few factors. These include your personal preference (or comfort level), your overall health, whether you want to get pregnant sometime in the near future or not, ease of use, and effectiveness. Read More …