3 Tips To Improve Your Feminine Health

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Many women do not get the health care they need because they are so busy taking care of work, home and family that they put themselves last. Unfortunately, this can end badly for everyone. My name is Emily, and I am an OBGYN specialist. I meet too many women who do not see an OBGYN unless they are pregnant. Any adult woman should get routine care and testing, especially if she is sexually active. I hope this blog will educate you on the need to see your doctor or health care provider and will encourage you to make that appointment today.


3 Tips To Improve Your Feminine Health

18 August 2023
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Your feminine health is very important. You need to take good care of yourself in order to prevent issues with your health. Women especially need to care for themselves, as their reproductive health could be affected if they are not paying close attention to issues with their health, or getting treated for issues that they may be experiencing. If you aren't sure how to take care of your feminine health, read on for tips to help you improve and care for yourself. 

1. Go To Your OBGYN Yearly

You should be going to your OBGYN every year for a checkup and for your yearly examination. If you are experiencing issues with your health, you need to make sure to go to visit your OBGYN long before your yearly appointment. If you have to see your OBGYN before your yearly appointment to address an issue you are experiencing, you should do so. Don't wait for your next appointment to address concerns with your health. This could cause your issues to worsen, and treatments may be more extensive. 

2. Pay Attention To Changes And Issues

Anything that is not in the norm for your body should be brought up to your OBGYN. If you have cramps that are worsening, your period is heavier or lighter, your breasts are more tender than normal, you notice that your discharge seems off, or you have foul odors that isn't typical for your body, you need to pay attention to these issues and make an appointment with your gynecologist to discuss these changes. Some of these changes can occur throughout different times of the month, with age, or even depending on what you eat or how stressed you are, or they could be a sign of something wrong with your health. It's best to discuss these and other issues with your doctor.

3. Eat A Healthy Diet

Your diet could potentially affect your overall feminine health. If you are not eating a healthy diet, it has the potential to cause a lot of issues for you. If you are overweight for instance, it can create issues with your period and can also cause problems with getting pregnant, or with your pregnancy. If you are underweight, it can also affect your period and can create a problem with fertility as well. If you are not eating a healthy diet, you need to make changes or discuss your diet with your doctor. 

For more information, contact a local OBGYN.