3 Benefits Of Taking Hormone Replacement Therapy

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3 Benefits Of Taking Hormone Replacement Therapy

12 May 2016
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If you've just started menopause, you may be aware of what a life-changing time this may be. When your body transitions from a reproductive state to one of not being fertile, this can cause a plethora of symptoms. Some women sail through menopause while others continually struggle to make it through each day. If you're having severe menopausal symptoms, you will want to consider taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a menopause treatment.

Benefit #1:  Reduce hot flashes

Feeling hot or flushed throughout the day is the most common symptom of menopause for women. In fact, about 75% of all women will experience this symptom at least temporarily. Some may only experience mild hot flashes, but others could unfortunately have several hot flashes in the span of one day, and this can be extremely uncomfortable. When you take HRT, it will significantly reduce your hot flashes and will aid in keeping your body temperature much cooler in the process.

Benefit #2: Stabilize mood swings

Having feelings of anxiety and depression are extremely common during menopause, and if you had these emotions during the earlier years of your life or suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth, you might deal with more severe symptoms during menopause. It's important to stabilize your moods as much as possible because you don't want to be crying one minute and happy the next. By using HRT, you may feel more content and satisfied with life rather than having to fight through the day.

Benefit #3: Increase sex drive

You may find that you simply aren't as sexually active as you once were, and this could be due to the changes your body is going through. If you're in a relationship, this can cause serious issues with the person that you're involved in at the time if they want to be more intimate.

The good news is that once your estrogen levels are up and back to normal, you may want to have sex more frequently. You can accomplish this task by taking HRT to help you increase your hormone levels. The lack of estrogen is the primary cause of having a decreased sex drive for women.

There are numerous benefits of taking HRT for any woman that in menopause. This time, can bring about a great deal of unwanted changes and undesirable symptoms in the process. However, adding HRT to your regimen can make a substantial difference.